Thursday, February 7, 2013

Discovering Knowledge

Learning is typically seen as the dissemination of knowledge and understanding. This statement is inaccurate! Learning in most environments is not knowledge development. We listen to the instructor and obtain, what the instructor deems as knowledge, long enough to pass an exam or other related exercise. Once that event has passed, we tend to forget the related learning. Understanding and knowledge are only obtained when actively sought and discovered!

Discovering knowledge is the pull method of learning. To push is to force something, a product or information, toward the end, while to pull is the demand of a product or information from the end. Push and pull are evident in every classroom. The pupils who discover/pull knowledge will find success. The students who only attend with a desire to pass the class and exams are the individuals creating the environment of pushing knowledge.

How do individuals, instructors and students, develop what is necessary to discover knowledge?

Unfortunately, I cannot give you an answer to the above question. If I did so, then I would deprive you of the beauty that is “discovery.”  But here is a hint. When you are passionate about something, you actively seek information about that item. You are always looking for “the next big thing.” Find what drives you and actively look for it in everything! Pull the information and learning you need in order to succeed.

Business Leaders (past, present and future) how do you coach and mentor individuals to pull and discover knowledge?

— George C Johnson
     Lean Leaders Club – President
     The Shingo Prize – Education Coordinator